RideOn Ski Goggles

The world's first augmented reality ski goggles!

Interact, navigate and share your experience on the slopes.

Let's get them! (Very soon)

Navigate the mountain's slopes

With RideOn’s virtual maps and highlighted points of interest, you’ll always find your way.

Rock your ride

Enjoy your favorite playlists and master your soundtrack on the fly, fully controlled by your RideOn goggles in a simple, intuitive interface

Goggles Specs


  • 2500mAh 7 usage hours
  • 24 standby hours

Total Weight

  • 240g / 8.4oz
  • Lightweight & aerodynamic shell


  • CE and FCC certified

Perfect Fit

  • 3 layers of foam for an ergonomic fit
  • High density face foam
  • 70cm length adjustable strap


  • 24° (diagonal) viewable area
  • Brightness: ~3000 nits


  • Dual, anti fog, anti scratch, UV400
  • CE EN174 certification


  • HD Video recording
  • 8 MP with 1080p video


  • MicroUSB for charging and data transfer
  • Bluetooth and WiFi

An amazing experience on the snow

Ride the slopes with the world’s first augmented reality (AR) ski goggles. With RideOn smart goggles you can see the map of your favorite ski resorts, capture your adventure with it’s camera, check out your speed and a lot more. And everything is controlled hands-free in your field of vision!

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